25 Mar

Here’s a photo taken on campus with the diana camera



19 Mar

A lot has been going on lately. And by “a lot,” I mean “a lot more of the same.” I’ve been having some pretty high and low points at school. One of the high points was in my photography class the other day when my professor gave me a little plastic baby toy camera, told me to go around campus taking pictures of whatever I wanted, then had me develop the film by hand. I’m sure the pictures aren’t going to turn out that well, but it was still a cool experience.

Last semester I quit my job as a graduate assistant at Lamar. I got a letter about a week ago saying that they had overpaid me by $873.74, and to repay it to the school as soon as possible. I am, as a result, no longer able to buy things I don’t need, and I really like buying things I don’t need.

I did another illustration for an online publication on Annalemma Magazine’s site, which you can find here.

My new living quarters are nice. There are some things that will take some time to adjust to, like my tiny room and the washer & dryer that also function as anti-sleeping machines when they’re turned on at night, but overall I like it.

I’m taking a trip to Houston with some friends tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to escaping responsibility for a day.


9 Feb

I bought a new cellphone and a new cellphone plan on sunday through at&t. On monday, I saw this. I am considering a switch as a result, although the phone I’d get isn’t as good as the one I’ve got. And I say “cellphone” when it’s actually a “smartphone.” I hope I don’t invest as much time prodding around on mine as some of my friends do.

I recently launched a website, [ www.colinmumbach.com ] , if you’d like to check it out. It’s graciously hosted by CARGO, so I can make it look good without even trying.

Here’s a new illustration created with my pen tablet.

Hope you enjoy.

new frontiers

24 Jan

I’ve been making some big changes in the past few months.

1. I quit work at Academy after over 5 years. I had planned on quitting within the first few weeks of being hired. Better late than never, as they say.

2. I got two new jobs; one at the Art Museum (as stated in previous posts), and one at Games People Play. I am a graphic designer for both of them. This means I wake up at 7, go to my first job and sit at a computer, go to school and sit at a computer, go to my next job and sit at a computer, go home at 9 and sit at a computer, then go to sleep. Both of the jobs are turning out to be pretty cool though, so I’m pretty excited.

3. I’m moving in March. I’m glad to have a change of pace in my living situation, although living with Jarrod and Eric has been really good.

4. I sanded the frames of my glasses so they won’t be so glossy anymore. I accidentally sanded the actual lens on a small section, so sometimes I see the scratch and think something blurry is really close to me.

School has been going well so far. However, I somehow ended up in an advanced photography class even though I’ve never taken a photo class before, and I have no experience taking pictures on even a novice level, much less an advanced one. So instead of using film, my professor is having me take digital pictures. I therefore had to buy a digital camera, and ended up going with one out of my price range, of course.


weird: part II

6 Jan

Here is the link to the story for which I did an illustration on Annalemma magazine’s website:


It’s a good story, and a really good magazine. Pick one up if you get the chance.


3 Jan

There have been a lot of good things going on lately. I had a great time bringing in the new year lurking the outskirts of a bangin’ house party. I triumphed in a game of Harry Potter Clue. I’m getting an illustration published on an Annalemma magazine online publication. Things seem to be going my way for the time being.

However, a recent trip to Austin provided me with the insight that my current plans for the future may be changing. I experienced one of the top 10 worst allergy attacks I’ve ever had while in the self-proclaimed weird city, which is where I was planning on moving after university. After doing a little research online, I found that a common nickname for Austin is “The Allergy Capital of the World.” That means, being a person with some of the worst allergy problems I know, it might not be the best idea for me to move to The Allergy Capital of the M****R F*****G WORLD. It is still likely that I will do just that, though. What a glutton for punishment I am.

I will be starting the spring semester next week. I’m kind of excited, although it would have been good if I had been making things over the break to keep myself sharp. No matter. I will soon become the greatest graphic designer/illustrator The Allergy Capital of the World has ever known.

Here is a picture my sister took of my nephew.


21 Nov

Starting in January I will be working as an intern for the Art Museum of Beaumont doing graphic design work, among other things. I’m so pumped about this. Downtown Beaumont is really awesome and I’m excited to get to spend a lot of time there. Also, I’ll get to add something respectable to my resume.

The fall semester is coming to a close and although it’s been a really good semester for me, I’m glad to get a break. Working 50 hours a week and going to school full time can be hectic. I still have a lot of work to do before December, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

A few months ago a girl at work was talking to me about a guy she goes to school with that looks and acts just like me. So I said “He sounds pretty awesome, and handsome.” Then she said “No, not at all.” Then a few days ago, a different girl took my wallet from me and opened it to examine my driver’s license. She said in the most earnest possible way, and I quote verbatim, “Colin, you are very unattractive.”

Being the ugliest person alive has gotten me thinking… I should feel much better about my accomplishments in life (such as landing the internship at the museum) because I know I didn’t accomplish them based on my good looks, but rather my talents. And believe me, you have to be so freaking talented if you’ve got a mug like this.

I was going to get a new phone recently, but then quickly realized how much debt I’m in. It’s going to be so nice to have all of my stuff paid off, however deep into the future that will be. I have to buy a camera for one of my classes next semester and I’m not too sure how I’m going to pay for it. I’ll probably have to sell the wheels off my car and fashion some new ones with sticks and mud or something.

From the face only a mother could love,