new bike

17 Jul

I got my new bike today. Well, it’s my dad’s 20-year-old bike with new tires that he gave to me.
Here’s how the story goes:

The bike got fixed at the bike shop in Orange yesterday (after being there for a very long time) and my dad was planning on bringing it to me today. I am pretty excited to get it because I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now. I clean out the patio closet to make a home for it, which is no easy feat because of all the who-ha in there, and I get my headband and redneck sleeveless shirt ready to take the bike for a spin. Sure enough, my dad shows up with my new-old bike. I ride around a little bit to make sure everything is working properly. We exchange pleasantries and he leaves, and I am left to ride.

Everything is going smoothly. I am riding on the street, which I feel kind of weird about because of all the passing cars. About a mile into the ride I get into a neighborhood and see that it has a sidewalk. I decide to get on the sidewalk through a nearby driveway. “Yeah yeah! This is a damn good plan!” I think to myself. I pull up the front wheel so I don’t jar myself, but as I do so, my bike says “Get off me, bike noob,” and the front wheel comes off. So I fly over the handlebars because I’m going pretty fast and get scraped up a bit. Then I look up and there’s a lady in her car staring at me with her hand over her mouth. I think she might be laughing.

Then I walk a mile back to my apartment with a smashed up bicycle and smashed up dreams of riding the bicycle. My dad comes back and picks it up to get it fixed again.
Hopefully things go better next time.

Love, Colin.


2 Responses to “new bike”

  1. SSG October 27, 2008 at 10:09 am #

    this is too funny. nice writing “i think she might be laughing” ha ha too funny! sorry… i’m not a big mountain bike rider, I get scared too easily, but I did use to ride about town on my town bike. I mean everywhere and all the time. But most people do here too, as having a car sucks in the town. one ways system and no-where to park. and you can go everywhere on a bike.

  2. Colin October 27, 2008 at 5:46 pm #

    I don’t really mountain bike either. I just ride around our crappy city a lot. Actually, I don’t get to ride around nearly as much as I’d like to. I’m a little more lucky with it now though. No big accidents in a while..haha

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