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Shoes Colin

28 Oct

I’m giving another speech soon. Probably Friday, if not the following monday. I’m already pretty nervous about it since the last one didn’t go so well.

This hot girl in my speech class gave her speech over how to make pound cakes, and she brought enough to eat for the whole class. It was delicious.

So then I decided that if I got kicked out of the class I wouldn’t have to give my speech. Plus I wanted to hit on her, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. When she gave me my piece, I was like “Hey, would you mind if I pound your cake?” Now I don’t have to give my speech. Plus I got punched in my eyeball by a hot girl.

Just kidding. Nothing in that last paragraph actually happened.

Anyway, Halloween is coming up in 4 days and I’m costume-less. I found this one might be kind of cool

I’m going to see Forgive Durden and Dear and the Headlights tomorrow. I’m pretty excited because I haven’t been to a good show in a long time. I’ll try and take some pictures since I’m such an expert photographer.

So I suppose you’ll be hearing from me again within the next few days.
Until then, sincerely yours, love, your friend, with regards,

shoes colin



23 Oct

There’s been a lot going on recently. Let me catch you up.

School still sucks pretty hard. I’m doing pretty poorly in finance right now.
Work still sucks pretty hard. I dislike talking to 90% of the customers that come in there.

But on some lighter notes,
Fable II rules. I’m already an expert blacksmith and I’ve got a bitchin’ sword. I think Chae’s got a little more going on than me so I’ve got some catching up to do.

Halloween is coming up and I think it’s been decided that we’re going to have a party over here. I’ve got some new stereo equipment so we can pump out the jamz. And watch some old hilarious scary movies. And play some games or something. I think it’ll be fun.

And while on the subject of the Halloween party, I’m not too sure of what I’m going to be. I was thinking about going as Kyle. I could just go get some clothes out of his room and act like him the whole time. I might get in trouble for that though.

Or how about this..

I’ve got a couple days to figure it out. We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and the trip to Austin in the near future is still on. I’m not sure how near, but near enough. Probably the weekend after the weekend after Halloween. If that makes sense.

stay tuned.

We just got a refrigerator, which rules big time. It’s identical to the one we had before, but everything is backwards which is kind of weird and will take some getting used to. Can’t complain though. I’ve been living off of soup and tuna for like 2 months now.

what to do..

16 Oct

*EDIT…AGAIN.: I learned something today, and I wish to share it with you all.

When life gives you a handful of crap, go wash your hands. Then don’t take crap from life anymore because it’s gross.


15 Oct

We were left roommate-less again when Brian was killed by our tesla coil. Luckily, Kyle was up to the challenge of being our third roommate. It’s a pretty rigorous task, but it can also be rewarding at times. We can pump up a lot of jams in here.

Anyway, I found another thing to add to the list of things I suck at. Public speaking.
Here is a shortened version of my list:

1. Doing things in a timely fashion
2. Finance
3. Any type of sports
4. Public speaking

It turns out it wasn’t my xbox that was broken, it was the force unleashed game. For some reason there’s like, a glitch or something that makes the xbox..not…work. Or something. I hope you all were enlightened by that brilliant description.

I’m pretty excited for forgive durden’s new album to come out. And it’ll be pretty cool to see them..or him, rather,
Check it out when you get a chance

supersonic. electronic.

9 Oct

All of my electronic stuff is breaking. Chae says I might be magneto. I think that I’m just supersonic electronic. Or maybe it’s the giant tesla coil we have in the living room, but I’m not pointing any fingers..

lol not really

My computer stopped turning on yesterday, and that was a little scary. Luckily Chae helped me out with that, so now everything seems to be in working order with it. Except the printer, which I’ve also been having problems with recently. It just works when it feels like it pretty much.

I went to play my xbox today and it froze on the welcome screen. I got online and tried to find some remedies but I wasn’t lucky with that. I called the tech support and they couldn’t figure it out either. I might have to send it back already and I’ve only had it for like, 2 weeks. Oh well. At least I was able to beat the force unleashed before it crashed…which reminds me that I hope I get to keep the hard drive when I send it in.

Brian already moved out of our apartment, but luckily in his place we have a pull up bar that doubles as a sit up bar, then triples as a push up bar, then quadruples as a dip bar. Whatever that means. I think it works your triceps. Whatever that means. So next time you see Chae and me we are going to be ripped as hell. Mostly on our triceps.

Maybe I can hone my supersonic electronic powers and only disable electronic devices of my choosing, like police scanners and junk. I’ll let you guys know how that develops.

until next time…