15 Oct

We were left roommate-less again when Brian was killed by our tesla coil. Luckily, Kyle was up to the challenge of being our third roommate. It’s a pretty rigorous task, but it can also be rewarding at times. We can pump up a lot of jams in here.

Anyway, I found another thing to add to the list of things I suck at. Public speaking.
Here is a shortened version of my list:

1. Doing things in a timely fashion
2. Finance
3. Any type of sports
4. Public speaking

It turns out it wasn’t my xbox that was broken, it was the force unleashed game. For some reason there’s like, a glitch or something that makes the xbox..not…work. Or something. I hope you all were enlightened by that brilliant description.

I’m pretty excited for forgive durden’s new album to come out. And it’ll be pretty cool to see them..or him, rather,
Check it out when you get a chance


One Response to “third”

  1. Christopher October 15, 2008 at 5:46 am #

    FD is a 6 piece now, I believe. Give a Kyle a heads up about the coil. We can’t afford to kill anymore room mates.

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