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Ohhhh! That was delicious!

25 Nov

Ok, so the 80’s party was no Halloween party. But I did have a lot of fun anyway, and some funny pictures came out at least.

Tyler and myself

Justin and Tyler's self

Take your medicine

looks like he's got the powdered sugar

when Tyler gets my camera

Dancing? Maybe?

Dancing again. I think.


Austin visit

18 Nov

I went to Austin to visit Eric, Jason, and Manessah this weekend with Korey. I must say, it was pretty fun and eventful.

First, we went on a sweet walking trail and found a hobo camp site in the woods. I forgot my camera, so I wasn’t able to immortalize it on this blog unfortunately. Let me tell you a little about it though. There was a racquet ball and a sign that asked for change. And a broken dresser. That was pretty much it actually.

Eric, Korey, and I went walking around Guatalupe while Jason and Manessah were at work. It was a pretty cool area. Eric and I went into Urban Outfitters and Korey got to watch a bum fight outside while he was eating a sandwich. I missed it, dammit. I needed a pair of pants and found a pair that fit well for $55. I was thinking “Please don’t spend $55 dollars on pants Colin. You need to eat, don’t you remember?” So I went to go buy them anyway, and they rung up for $21.64. I was like…F**k yes. Then we went walking around some more and we passed a Church of Scientology. I picked up a pamphlet. What does it look like, you ask?

Here is my favorite picture in the whole booklet. If I were a scientologist, here is how I’d want to look:

We went in a starbucks and I counted 9 macs. I’m about to give a persuasive speech on why PC’s are a better purchase than macs. I should have practiced on them.

So then later that night we walked around 6th street and went to a few bars. I got into a very dancy mood and kept singing “Apple bottom jeans and boots with the furrrrr. The whole clubs lookin’ at herrrrrr..” and so on. After the bars we went walking to the car and got a little lost. I kept thinking I was in Houston the whole time for some reason. Also, I accidentally pushed Eric down some stairs and I peed on a building in public.

The next morning I was kind of nauseous and my calves really hurt from dancing a lot. I felt better once I ate a little. I can’t remember what the place was called that we ate at, but it had pumpkin pancakes. That kind of sucks actually, because now all other pancakes I eat are going to taste like total crap in comparison. Then we went and saw Repo: The Genetic Opera in an Alamo theater. The movie is only playing in 8 theaters in America, so I thought it’d be pretty cool to check out. When it ended, Jason said “That was the worst movie of my life,” and Eric said “That movie is playing at 8 theaters too many.” I couldn’t possibly agree more. The theater was really cool though. It was my first time to ever go to one.

On the way home Korey and I stopped at a BBQ place and they gave us an insane amount of food for 10 bones. I missed a meeting at work because we didn’t leave in time so now I’m getting written up.

totally worth it.

every red cent

10 Nov

I think my eyes are about to start bleeding with rage right now.

But on a lighter note; work today wasn’t all that bad and Kyle brought home some pizza.

Justin and I went and watched Annuals and Minus the Bear last night. Annuals rules really hard. Except, the bass player looked kind of goofy. Like his shoulders were detached or something… But that definitely didn’t get in the way of the good show. Minus the Bear was pretty good as well. They played a lot of their new stuff, which for some reason I like to listen to but not watch. Their old songs were really cool to watch though. Then we ate at Taco Cabana which was alright, but they put some sticks and leaves in my black beans and they tasted really tangy.

Then we picked up these two ultra hot chicks and partied all night. But then instead, that didn’t happen at all. We almost died because Justin was falling asleep while driving, then we almost hit a horse that turned out to not exist, then we went to sleep as soon as we got back.

I think I’m about to drop finance class and change majors. This will no doubt set me back more than a few semesters worth of college. Wish me luck on this and other bad decisions in the series of bad decisions I’ve been making in the past few months.

So it’s looking like the Austin trip is on for the upcoming weekend. Anybody want to tag along? I think so far it’s just Chae and myself. If he’s still wanting to go, that is.

It has been therapeutic to talk about these random things. Thanks for listening, all.



6 Nov

Something interesting happened to me at work yesterday. And by “interesting” I mean “disturbing”.

I’ve had some strange encounters in the restroom at work, but yesterday’s was the weirdest by far. I went to the bathroom to do my business, and a 40-45 ish year old man came in about a minute later. I assumed he was in there to pee, since he didn’t go in the other opened stall next to me. So I was sitting there for a good while (I’d say about 5-8 minutes) doing the deed and playing sudoku on my phone to pass the time, and I noticed I didn’t hear the guy leave. I got kind of a weird feeling and looked up to see that he was staring at me through the crack in the stall door. We made eye contact and the guy didn’t even flinch…he just kept staring at me. No shame whatsoever.

what. the. f##k.

A lot of questions were going through my mind at that point.
How long has he been doing this? Should I say something? Should I like…call for help?

He kept staring at me, and I was getting kind of concerned. This went on for like, a minute or so.

Then, someone else walked in the restroom, and finally the guy stopped peeking through the door and he went into the stall right next to me. I could hear him mumbling something. I was like “Ok, time to leave as quickly as possible.” I finished up, and exited the stall. I decided that I should still wash my hands since the third person was also in there, and for some reason that made the other guy scared enough to stay in the stall. I’m washing my hands and look in the mirror, which is directly in front of the stalls, and I could see the guy still staring at me through the crack in his stall door.

I go to the first person I can find, which happens to be Ryan Frieze. I said, “Dude, this old guy just watched me take a dump.” He said, “You should’ve said “BOO.”

I went back to my department to find that the guy was there looking at socks. I took a really, really bad cell phone picture of him from pretty far away. He turned and faced me, so I had to escape to our seasonal aisle. I didn’t see him again after that.

Later, a kid asked me if we carried ostrich skin boots.

weird day.

Pump. Pump the jam. Pump it up.

2 Nov

So I bet you’re all wondering what it takes to have a successful Halloween party, or any party for that matter. Don’t worry, I have a recipe right here:

1. Jock Jams, volume 1
2. Leprechaun and Black Sheep, the movies.
(not the black sheep with Chris Farley, mind you)
3. A bunch of cool friends
4. Costumes
5. Plenty of dancing

Got it? Good. So here’s how our party last night went.

A few people started filing in to the cadence of Jock Jams, volume 1. Costumes are looking pretty good so far. A little small talk here and there. Then suddenly, Tyler walks in dressed as a big ass gecko. (I was pretty optimistic about the direction this party was going at that point.) Then, Gecko and I start dancing..I’m pretty sure we didn’t really stop dancing for most of the night. Then Chae comes in with a mix of songs that totally pwned Jock Jams all over the place. So naturally, we danced some more. I spilled many, many things, and as a result our kitchen floor is a little sticky and I think I spilled some stuff on the carpet. No worries though, I just danced even more. If you can believe that.

I was already pretty worn out by around 12, so I just sat and watched Black Sheep for a while. It was pretty hilarious.

There were more things going on than that, of course, but I’m not going to get into all of it because I have to wake up extremely early tomorrow. Also I have to clean up the gigantic mess in the kitchen. But anyway, I ninja’d a few pictures off of Casey’s myspace, so I’ll share those with you now.

I think I saw Chae taking some pictures as well, so be on the lookout for those.

I’m thinking we should have an 80’s dance party next time.

until then….