Pump. Pump the jam. Pump it up.

2 Nov

So I bet you’re all wondering what it takes to have a successful Halloween party, or any party for that matter. Don’t worry, I have a recipe right here:

1. Jock Jams, volume 1
2. Leprechaun and Black Sheep, the movies.
(not the black sheep with Chris Farley, mind you)
3. A bunch of cool friends
4. Costumes
5. Plenty of dancing

Got it? Good. So here’s how our party last night went.

A few people started filing in to the cadence of Jock Jams, volume 1. Costumes are looking pretty good so far. A little small talk here and there. Then suddenly, Tyler walks in dressed as a big ass gecko. (I was pretty optimistic about the direction this party was going at that point.) Then, Gecko and I start dancing..I’m pretty sure we didn’t really stop dancing for most of the night. Then Chae comes in with a mix of songs that totally pwned Jock Jams all over the place. So naturally, we danced some more. I spilled many, many things, and as a result our kitchen floor is a little sticky and I think I spilled some stuff on the carpet. No worries though, I just danced even more. If you can believe that.

I was already pretty worn out by around 12, so I just sat and watched Black Sheep for a while. It was pretty hilarious.

There were more things going on than that, of course, but I’m not going to get into all of it because I have to wake up extremely early tomorrow. Also I have to clean up the gigantic mess in the kitchen. But anyway, I ninja’d a few pictures off of Casey’s myspace, so I’ll share those with you now.

I think I saw Chae taking some pictures as well, so be on the lookout for those.

I’m thinking we should have an 80’s dance party next time.

until then….


15 Responses to “Pump. Pump the jam. Pump it up.”

  1. mmmanessah November 2, 2008 at 7:13 am #

    rendered speechless

  2. caseygorrell November 2, 2008 at 6:30 pm #

    i think my barrel of monkeys costume was just as cool as a darn gecko!! J/k, the gecko was way cooler. I don’t know if ive ever seen a gecko and a meatball get so low, and do the soulja boy dance so well.

  3. Colin November 2, 2008 at 6:35 pm #

    How could I forget about the barrel of monkeys..
    That costume ruled too. I was really surprised at how cool everyone’s costumes turned out.

    I had a really good time dancing to soulja boy. And Jock Jams. That’s why I think the next party should be a dance one so maybe more people will get into it..haha

  4. caseygorrell November 2, 2008 at 9:35 pm #

    i think a dance party would be awesome. Especially an 80’s one. This should just be a party like really soon.

  5. Christopher November 2, 2008 at 11:21 pm #

    How about like a 90’s dance party. Only stuff like Ace of Base and uh whatever other awesome stuff came from the 90’s. I’ll bring a fog machine and some lights.

  6. Colin November 2, 2008 at 11:26 pm #

    As long as people dress for the part, I don’t really care.

    If it’s 80’s : Neon Clothing and big hair
    if it’s 90’s : Dress like, all grungy or something
    If it’s 2000’s : Dress like robots from the distant future

  7. manessah November 3, 2008 at 2:43 am #

    optimum and optimal mean the same thing.

    since i have no furniture we would have optimal/optimum dancing room. and since we’re the only white people we could invite all our neighbors to teach us how to dance for real. dance party should def be in austin.

  8. tylergorrell November 3, 2008 at 4:29 am #

    Hi, my name is shooooooes Colin and I’m friends with a huge ass gecko! The caveman and the gecko are about to throw down in the first picture, I’m pretty sure I could swallow him hole lol. One thing I learned from the party is Meatwad and Gecko love to dance and pump up the jam. Anyway this party ruled, we better start planning the next one soon.

  9. Colin November 3, 2008 at 6:10 am #

    Dude, Manessah…

    You just watch me dance. Then you’ll know how to dance properly. But not really…I look like an idiot I think.

    And Tyler, I think that is a good idea. Maybe in a couple weekends we can have another shin-dig over here.

  10. rightrhombus November 3, 2008 at 6:21 am #

    hey, chad bro chill. this is jason. what an effing sweet party that probably was. i really regret missing it.

    i started one of these things last night. it’s rhomb.wordpress.com.

  11. Colin November 3, 2008 at 6:25 am #

    Don’t you worry, jason. There will be others.

    And welcome to the journal community. It’s so much hotter than myspace right now.

  12. SSG November 3, 2008 at 8:58 am #

    classic. sounds like a great party. And 90s- not just grunge- what about MC Hammer, body suits and boy bands, some good costumes there…

  13. Colin November 3, 2008 at 2:18 pm #

    haha, yeah, you’re right. For some reason when I think 90’s, I think Nirvana and Pearl Jam immediately.

  14. Christopher November 3, 2008 at 4:40 pm #

    Nah. I’m talking the 90’s dance scene man.

    21. Mr Vain – Culture Beat
    24. Ace of Base
    25. Scatman John – Scatman
    26. Rhythm of the Night – Corona
    5. Please Don’t Go – Double U
    7. What Is Love – Haddaway

    I guess I’m going for kinda Night at the Roxburyish.

  15. SSG November 4, 2008 at 10:12 am #

    haddaway! totally. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Now-Dance-95-Various/dp/B0000075H9/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1225793470&sr=1-2
    N-trance, corona, outhere brothers, shaggy, scatman (that name sounds soooooooo wrong), it’s all so good! When are the 90s revival parties going to start? it’s been all 80s so far…

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