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Welcome to my Christmas post

26 Dec

It turned out to be a pretty good Christmas this year, beside the fact that all I could give to my family was socks. I got a lot of good stuff though. Chae got me a couple of really cool gifts, but I didn’t get him anything because I’m a douche. Not even socks.

I got talked into going to a party the other night where I was able to impress everyone with how many country songs I know in full. I owe it all to working at a sports and outdoors store in southeast Texas. I had a pretty good time in spite of the country music though. Got to dance a little bit in the front yard and eat some cookies and taquitos and hang out with some really cool company.

We have a Secret Santa thing at work every year and we all write some stuff that we want on a piece of paper, which kind of takes the fun out of it, but it also prevents everyone from getting Wal Mart gift cards. I ended up getting this guy named Matt, which is actually short for Mathawanafwa…or something like that. I can’t spell it or pronounce it, and I’m sure that’s why he goes by Matt instead. Anyway, I drew his name and saw that he wanted The Dark Knight. I went and bought it for him, but then the day before the gift exchange he marked it off his list and was like “I already got it.” So that’s the story of how I now own The Dark Knight.

I gave him a picture of myself in a frame instead. Here it is..just picture a frame around it:

I felt really weird printing that out with a lot of people standing behind me watching me do it, but it was worth it.

The past few days I’ve been eating an enormous amount of food then napping for pretty much every meal. I watched a documentary on Sumo Wrestlers a long time ago and learned that that’s exactly how that bulk up and get all fat. I think I’ll start running again soon to prevent this from happening to me. Or I’ll just start training to become a Sumo Wrestler. I’m actually pretty open to either of those options at this point, because I don’t want to get fat on one hand…but then on the other eating a lot then napping feels so good.

Can’t wait until next year.



just some stuff

20 Dec

Nothing much cool has happened since it snowed here… well, nothing really post-worthy anyway. So I’ve decided to just talk about random things. I mean type about random things.

My car and desktop computer remain un-usable for the time being. School is over, and so far I’ve made a B,C, and a Q. (for “quitter,” I guess). I watched the new episode of flight of the conchords, which you can watch for yourself here. It was pretty funny. I think I heard that Demetri Martin is going to play a big part in the new season, though he’s not in the new episode. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed.

Eric is all moved in now and things are going pretty well. He came just in time too, because our microwave stopped working like, the day before he got here and he scored us a new one for free. Now I can eat oatmeal all day long if I want to.

My mom wanted to order things online for the first time ever this Christmas. She called me about 4 or 5 times to get me to walk her through the process. I did what I could, and she said that she got it all done. About 5 minutes later, Chae walked in and read from the email he just received. “Dear Necey Mumbach, thank you for your purchase with Musician’s Friend…etc.” I’m not really sure how that happened. Maybe she bought my stuff through Chae’s paypal account or something. Genius, right? Saving a little money for the holidays.

I was looking at pictures on my phone a few days ago and came across an interesting one. I took it when I was on top of a very tall ladder at work. There is a ton of topstock in the shoe department I work in, and I was cleaning it up a bit. I looked behind some boxes and found this note.

I wonder if it was for me?


no time like snow time

12 Dec

I’m sure there are soon to be many posts about the snow in southeast texas. I’m also sure that there will be far better pictures on those posts, but I’ll put mine up anyway. A few were taken with my phone, so those are extra good. Hope you enjoy..

(looks like bird dook on my car here)

“Welcome back, Colin,” says Internet

5 Dec

Well, it’s been about a week since I’ve hung out on the American Onlines. It actually got cut off in my apartment on the day a very large project was due in an online class I’m taking. Luckily, I have a friend that’s a real pal. He lets me borrow his internet tubes when I have none. I’m actually posting this from the business building at school, but I believe that we’re getting re-connected at our apartment today. That’ll be cool.

School is almost over for the semester. I’m pretty excited about that because this semester has been pretty crappy. Next semester I’m taking a 3D graphics class, and I bet it’s going to rule. The online class I’m taking is a design class that I like ok, but I think it’ll be the last graphic design class I take online. I notice that when I’m in online classes I wait until the closest time I can possibly get to the time assignments are due, and they end up not looking as good as I could make them. This last assignment I turned in was a 3 page newspaper that I think I actually did ok on. My proffessor said it was really good and that I had the highest grade in the class so far. That helped my self esteem a little bit because he’s usually pretty hard on my stuff.

I recently sold my zune for $130, which is like $100 more than I was expecting to get for it. That was pretty sweet. Then I hopped on the ipod train which so far has seemed to be a pretty good decision.

Also, on January 9th, 2009 the new season of Flight of the Conchords premeirs on HBO. I’ll be looking forward to that big time.

Until next time