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I’m not a multi-tasker, apparently

12 Jan

In anticipation of a fun-filled action packed day of business calculus, finance, and work tomorrow, I went to bed at 12 o’clock planning to get a good 8 hours of sleep. It is now 2:30am. This is because right when I get on the brink of sleep, I stop breathing and I wake up gasping for air. It’s a really strange feeling…it’s like I can’t breath without consciously thinking about doing it. Once I start dozing off, it’s like my mind can’t remember to breathe and sleep at the same time. Stupid idiot mind.

After doing some research, I’ve found that my inability to breathe while sleeping can be caused by two things: asthma or sleep apnea. I’m pretty sure it’s asthma because I had that until I was like, 14 or so. But it’s weird how this randomly happens to me from time to time. This is the first time it’s happened in almost a year, and I wish I knew what caused it so I could avoid doing whatever that is for all time. Also I wish it wasn’t happening the night before my first day of class.

Before my first day of class last semester, my friends and I had a water drinking game. I drank so much water that I think I almost died. I probably went to the bathroom 13 times that night alone. Plus I was sweating profusely and felt really nauseous. I think that was worse than this. But anyway, maybe that’s what is causing this. Maybe I’m doomed to have a bad first day of class due to lack of sleep for the rest of my school career.

I’m going to go give sleeping while breathing another shot. I guess it just takes practice.

wish me luck,


I’m totally glad I dipped in your ink, bro

7 Jan

School is about to start and my desktop computer is all broke and junk. I’d be really nice to get it working before, because I have a 3D graphics class I’m going to be taking and I’ll more than likely need it. I finally get to take another vacation at the end of this month which I’m pretty happy about, but I just wish I didn’t have to take it while school is going on. I was informed that I would lose all 40 hours if I didn’t take it before Jan. 31st, which is kind of a bummer. I haven’t had a vacation since I went to California though, so it’ll just be nice to be off.

random facts…GO

I joined Xbox Live finally. My name is bilbothedragon if anyone would like to add me, though I’m pretty sure no one that reads this journal plays video games. I just finished Ender’s Shadow. It only took me like 4 days to read it. That’s a measure of how good it was, not how short. I just started reading the Watchmen graphic novel and so far it’s really cool. However, if when I go see the movie when it comes out someone asks when exactly I read it, I’ll say “Pshh,…like 3 years ago,” so I can feel like I fit in. My computer is laying in pieces all over my room and it makes me sad because it’s less than a year old. I went to the restroom at Academy again the other day and an elderly gentleman came in and started defecating with the stall door opened. Maybe I should stop using the restroom there. Too many weird things happen. I have a few more stories about that restroom that are far too gross to type on this.

It’s time to go to bed. I have to wake up extremely early tomorrow.


resolution two thousand nine

2 Jan

My new year’s resolution is to be happier. Just in general. I get stressed out by too many things and that sucks, so I’ve decided that either I’ll have a better attitude about stuff that normally irritates me, or I’ll just do all that I can to change the situation for the better. With school for instance… I think that I’m going to start bleeding internally if I have to go for much longer due to the stress tumors. But, if I think about it so.. “Well, only another year to go and I’ll be done forever,” then maybe I can cope with it.

Also, I need to sleep more. I think it’s effecting my day to day life that I’m always tired and not at all alert. I could pretty much go to sleep at any given point of any day. Plus I think I might have a slight case of sleep apnea, though sleep apnea is most common in overweight males over 40. Maybe I should see a doctor or something. Anyway, my other new year’s resolution is to try and get more sleep so I’ll be a more pleasant person to be around when I’m awake.

Anybody else make any resolutions?

I spent some of my new year’s eve at a friend of Eric’s house. He has a salmon ladder in his back yard, which was really cool. I looked like an idiot trying it though. He also had a bicycle modified to cut grass. It just had a gigantic fan blade from an outside air conditioning unit on the bottom of it that was powered by the pedals. It was hilarious watching him ride around the yard with grass flying all up behind him. I lol’d big time. Then we came back to the apartment and played rockband until about 5am.

It was a pretty satisfying way to kick off the new year.