resolution two thousand nine

2 Jan

My new year’s resolution is to be happier. Just in general. I get stressed out by too many things and that sucks, so I’ve decided that either I’ll have a better attitude about stuff that normally irritates me, or I’ll just do all that I can to change the situation for the better. With school for instance… I think that I’m going to start bleeding internally if I have to go for much longer due to the stress tumors. But, if I think about it so.. “Well, only another year to go and I’ll be done forever,” then maybe I can cope with it.

Also, I need to sleep more. I think it’s effecting my day to day life that I’m always tired and not at all alert. I could pretty much go to sleep at any given point of any day. Plus I think I might have a slight case of sleep apnea, though sleep apnea is most common in overweight males over 40. Maybe I should see a doctor or something. Anyway, my other new year’s resolution is to try and get more sleep so I’ll be a more pleasant person to be around when I’m awake.

Anybody else make any resolutions?

I spent some of my new year’s eve at a friend of Eric’s house. He has a salmon ladder in his back yard, which was really cool. I looked like an idiot trying it though. He also had a bicycle modified to cut grass. It just had a gigantic fan blade from an outside air conditioning unit on the bottom of it that was powered by the pedals. It was hilarious watching him ride around the yard with grass flying all up behind him. I lol’d big time. Then we came back to the apartment and played rockband until about 5am.

It was a pretty satisfying way to kick off the new year.


3 Responses to “resolution two thousand nine”

  1. SSG January 7, 2009 at 10:50 am #

    reading this post was like reading about my life. i stress out too much, i have way too many bad thoughts that make me depressed, and all in all i should dhut the fuck up and be happy cos I’m pretty lucky. but then i don’t, so whatever. and i am always tired and dont sleep enough. or maybe its cos I dont like my work and dont get excited that I yawn and feel like sleeping all the time. Didnt used to be like this, used to be sleep wake up jump outta bed got energy stay alert, but no longer. maybe just getting old!

  2. Justin LeBlanc January 9, 2009 at 2:10 am #

    Dude you are going about things all wrong. The only place happiness is at is in south-central Texas, so head to San Marcos and I’ll catch up with you.

    But for serious, good luck being happy. You are awesome so just tell your self some jokes and if you think you rule as much as I think you rule then that should make you real happy.

  3. Colin January 9, 2009 at 5:26 am #

    SSG: Hopefully we’re not always tired because we’re getting old..haha. I think it’s because there are too many responsibilities that we have and they’re making us weary. So hopefully keeping a positive mindset will help a lot. It’s working so far I think…someone who doesn’t read this journal at all told me that I seem happier now so I guess I’m doing well so far. Just have to keep it up.

    Justin: Thanks for that. I do try to tell myself jokes sometimes though, but most of the time I don’t get them. I think they’re over my head..

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