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16 Mar

I’m continually learning new things on guitar recently. I’m trying very hard not to suck anymore.. If you see me within the next few days with a guitar in my hands and you say “Hey Colin, play a descending G Minor scale,” I will be able to do so. I can also play some arpeggios, but I’m not very good at those yet. I think I have a few potential buyers for my firebird and I think I’m gonna get a Gretsch electromatic instead. They’re kind of big in person, but I think I’d get used to it. Here’s a picture of one..

I went to the beach with Morgan, Jeffrey, Josh, and Justin last Tuesday even though I felt like I could barf hundreds of times. I was a bit sick from Monday night. I had a few drinks and tried to fit in a drier and spilled stuff all over my tv and hit my head on some stuff etc etc. Anyway, like I said, I was feeling pretty bad the next morning but Justin was able to talk me into going, which was awesome because I ended up having a great time. When we got there we found a dead boar on the beach. Then we went back to the cabin and a few of the guys started pulling out Rock Band, so Justin and I went and hung out at the beach and climbed a tree and stuff.

I’ve been kind of wanting to ride my bike more recently, but the entire end of this spring break has been really rainy and gross. Bummer. I think I might try to go this upcoming Tuesday or something. I bought a tennis racket and a football so I can talk myself into going outside a lot more. Once I played tennis for around 5-10 minutes and my elbow got all swollen and I couldn’t really bend it for like a week. Luckily, Chae knows what he’s doing and has taught me proper technique so I don’t look and feel like an idiot as much.

Eric is in New York right now. I wanted to go with him pretty bad, but of course school got in the way. Plus it seemed like he kind of wanted to go by himself. Ah well. Maybe I’ll become a world traveler some other time, like after school is over or something.

I got some glasses recently. I can now see unbelievably well when I’m driving at night. For the past year or so it’s been really dangerous for me and everyone around me when I drive at night. Also, I can see the board really well at school now. And I went and saw a movie for the first time with glasses it it was crazy awesome. It’s weird how much of a difference they make. And I think I’m kind of getting used to the way they look on me now. I’m so excited about them that my sentences have become really short and stupid sounding.

I think that’s all for now. As promised, here’s this post’s .gif