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29 Apr

I just learned that I have 8 classes left to take before graduation. I’m pretty happy about that, but a little less happy that all the classes I have left to take are ones that I really badly don’t want to take. However, I just got a fortune cookie that says “You life will be happy and peaceful,” (yes, that is typed correctly) so I guess that means these last 8 won’t be so bad.

Last night I was on my way home from work and it was raining heavily, and it had been for a few hours before I left. I was driving down a road and realized that it was pretty flooded so I thought “Hey, I’ll take this other road and outsmart the floodwaters.” When I did, water went up all over my hood and my car started making a noise like this: RRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrruuuuuuUUUUHHHHH. So then I pulled into a hotel parking lot that was slightly elevated. I tried probably 4 different ways of getting to my house but everything seemed to be pretty badly flooded. I pulled into a median and got blocked in by a few other cars, including some that were just sitting in the water with their lights off all freaking out and stuff. I sat there for a little while, then just decided to brave the waters. I made it home after about 30 minutes of driving, and it normally takes about 5 minutes to get from my job to my apartment. The entire time I was driving I was singing I’m on a boat featuring T-Pain. I got in my car this morning and it smells like mildew. Sonoma bich.

My birthday is coming up. I’m gonna be the big 23. Just like Michael Jordan.

I went through a lot of old pictures on my laptop the other day so I’ll share a few highlights with you..

mustache party ’08

seaweed at the beach

Tyler and Jared hanging out at work

That’s it for now



He maybe did

16 Apr

Well, I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I interviewed for a marketing job and found out recently that I didn’t get it. The good news is now I can talk about the interview without fearing they will type my name in google and find this journal.

First of all let me say that I haven’t been in an interview in like 3 and a half years, so I’m a little rusty.

I show up feeling a bit nervous, which I think is natural. After waiting in the lobby for a while I get called into a room where there are 4 ladies ready to interview me. At the same time. My initial reaction was to say “OH SHIIIIII…” while running out of the room and flinging papers out of my hands. I stayed though. I think it went fairly ok, considering I’m not very good at bragging on myself and that’s what interviews are all about. They’d ask things like “What makes you a better candidate for this job than anyone else we’ve interviewed so far?”…and I’d be thinking “um…probably nothing.” They also asked “What’s you’re most comfortable situation dealing with communication and what’s your least?” I said “Most comfortable would be a one on one situation. Least comfortable would be the situation I’m in right now.” It made them laugh, but they were probably thinking “lol, I wonder if he actually thinks he might get this job.” Which I did. Oh well, if nothing else I got some experience being interviewed, which I found out I desperately need.

I haven’t been sick in a while so I guess it’s my turn now. I have had some kind of throat problem the past couple days, but I’m not sure what it is specifically. It’s the one that feels like someone has shoved a knife down your throat and twisted it around a little bit. Yesterday it was feeling pretty bad, so I decided it would be a good idea to go for a run during the hottest part of the day. It turns out that idea wasn’t so good after all.

I found a fun game on a forum recently. You take a movie, song, show, or book, and describe what it would be like if it were done backwards.

here are some examples:

If you watch Rambo backwards, Sylvester Stallone is healing people with his magical bullet vacuum.

If you watch the Star Wars Trilogy backwards, it’s about a successful jedi knight who decides to become a poor farmer with his aunt and uncle who have recently come back from the dead.

If you watch Benjamin Button backwards, some kid grows old and dies.

If you watch Donnie Darko backwards, it still makes no sense.

If you watch Neverending Story backwards it’s still only an hour and a half long

wanna play?