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26 May

I failed finance class again. What a finance n00b I am. I didn’t wish to take it a third time so I decided to switch my major from Business Advertising to Communication Advertising. Now I get to take cool classes such as Film Theory and Media Writing, both of which I’ll be taking in Summer I, and I’ll still be able to graduate in the spring.

My sister Megan had a graduation party at a park yesterday, and it was a blast. There was some great food and a lot of people, and I got to hang out with my nephew. Then we (Jared, my brother Dylan, his friend, their other friend, and my sister’s boyfriend) found a tennis/basketball/hopscotch court and decided to make up a game. We only had a football, so the game ended up being a hybrid of volleyball, tennis, and football since the court was all weird. The game actually worked pretty well for how ridiculous it was, and I dominated at it. It’s funny that the only sport I’m good at doesn’t exist. Jared called it “Dyna-ball,” because “It’s dynamic…and dinosaurs are awesome.” We played and ate until we were kicked out of the park because it was closing. I came home and played Castle Crashers with two Jared’s and an Eric. We played until about 3am on account of how stupid addictive it is.

I was the blue one.



May 3rd, 1986

3 May

Guess what today is? I’ll give you some hints..

It’s the 123rd day of the year with only 242 days left.
I’m older now.
It’s my birthday today.

If you guessed “Colin’s birthday”, you’d be absolutely correct.

Chae and I had a pretty fun party last night. (His birthday is on the 5th, mine is the 3rd, so we just roll that into one ballin’ party). Justin brought a pinata which ended up being the highlight of the night. We brought it out to the swingset at my apartment and beat the crap out of it. Then I learned how to freestyle swing. Oh, it’s very important to say what the pinata was full of too. Candy? Treats? Toys? Money? A puppy? No. It was full of hot dogs and apples, making it not only hilarious, but filling and delicious.

(freestyle swinging)

Tyler replaced my Boba Fett toy that someone stole out of my car when it was broken into. That was awesome. And Erica had a shirt made with the picture I drew of a giant snake eating planets on it, which was also awesome.

There was a pretty good turnout and I think everyone had a good time. My friend Justin Bossier and his girlfriend Heather came, which was cool because she took pictures and videos of the event then left her camera when she left. So naturally I stole the pictures and videos off of that camera so I could put them on here.

Here are a couple videos I found to be pretty funny..

click here
(She wouldn’t stop videoing me..haha)

and here
(Chae playing keyboard for Andrew W.K.)

And here are some more pinata pictures..

Good birthday.