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summer school

12 Jun

It’s going pretty well so far. I’m learning some basic grammar that I totally forgot apparently, and I’m getting taught a lot of things about film that I never really noticed. But wait..I’m getting ahead of myself..

I meant to start out with our (Tyler and me) first day of class. Tyler went to the bathroom and I waited outside for him. He came out whispering “Duuude…come in here and take a look at this..” Naturally I thought he was going to show me his dump so I didn’t want to. But he insisted. I didn’t have to go all the way in to see what he was talking about.

I know it’s bad quality, but as you can tell there’s someone sleeping on the floor in the bathroom stall. At first I was thinking “Ok, nobody sleeps in the bathroom on the floor. Especially when there’s a perfectly good lounge with couches right around the corner. This guy is definitely having a seizure or he’s dead.” However, if you’ll notice in the picture, there’s a backpack or something strategically placed under his head for added bathroom floor comfort. People who are dying don’t have time for that kind of luxury. So he’s definitely sleeping. It makes me wonder what could have happened in that guys day to lead up to him sleeping on the floor in the bathroom. I should have interviewed him. I’ve already made a promise to myself that I won’t ever pass up that kind of opportunity again.

ok now I’ll talk about school.

Media writing class is pretty weird, but totally bearable compared to business calculus and all that crap. Our teacher can’t be more than 5 or 6 years older than me, and it shows. She’s really big in to pop culture. She’ll be in the middle of a lecture and just start talking about current reality tv shows that I haven’t seen, like so: “..And this is when it’s appropriate to use a semi-colon. And these are the different uses of a comm…Has anybody seen Jon and Kate plus 8?! What’s up with her hair!?.” Then some sub-par jokester in the class will say “IS THIS GUNNA BE IN THE TESTS??!? BUHAHAHA..”. The funny part about that is that it IS on the test. Or at least there was a question about it on the recent quiz we’ve taken. Name 4 of Jon and Kate’s 8 children. wtf.

Film theory rules so far. Our professor is hilarious. I’d have to do an impersonation of him to convey the humor though. He has this weird phobia of people recording him or taking pictures of him, so I spent the last class period drawing him.

I’ll explain that picture a bit. He’s holding a microphone because he uses a microphone in class even though it’s definitely not needed (which is one of the many hilarious things about him). He’s saying “Zoh” because he has an accent and that’s what he says instead of “So.” The floating head above him is Charles Bronson. I drew that because we were talking about his movies. Also, I need to point out that he tucks his pants behind the tongues of his shoes, which is awesome.

A few of us went to eat a few nights ago. When we came out there was some chalk drawing on the sidewalk that sparked a debate on what the hell it was. No matter how I look at it I see a dinosaur. Chae said it was a plane.

What do you think?



i accidentally the guitar..

1 Jun

I decided yesterday that I would be much more careful with my purchases because I’ve been working a little less than usual, so naturally I’ve been getting a little less money than usual. However, past Colin decided it’d be a good idea to bid on a guitar on ebay then forget about it. So today I get on my computer and I have an email that says “Congratulations, you’ve just won a guitar that you don’t want right now.”

It’s alright I guess because I think the guitar rules big time. I’ll just have to hurry up and sell one of my others. Like, really fast.

I put a word search book that I got for my birthday in the bathroom by the toilet a few days ago. Now my number 2s take about 15-20 minutes longer to complete.