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a day late

17 Aug

Here are mine for the past week. I had a lot going on so I had to throw some of them together…I just really didn’t want to be murdered. These were all pictures taken with my crappy cell phone and I added text, for better or for worse.



week 2

8 Aug

I moved from footwear to asset protection this past week at work, and so far it rules. I pretty much just stand there and draw and talk to people. And I get to leave way earlier than everyone else. Yesterday I caught someone trying to steal shoes and I stopped him. He was trying to walk out with a box that I had noticed he hadn’t come in with, so I asked to see his receipt. He started shaking and said it was in his car. So I asked him what register he went to and he couldn’t say, so he just said “F**k it” and threw the shoes down. When I opened the box there was blood on the shoes because he cut his hand while trying to get the sensor tag off, so then I lol’d. My friend Matt bought the bloody shoes for 75% off.

Flight of the Conchords season 2 came out on dvd bluray hi-def high definition DVD disc recently and I’ve been watching it like crazy. It’s funnier than I remember it being when I watched it as it was coming out.

Here’s a list of albums I’ve been listening to lately if you want to check them out. (Thanks to Korey and Justin and Brian Warren for showing me some of this)

Modest Mouse – The moon and Antarctica
Hot Chip – The warning
Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell
Two Gallants – self-titled
Rocky Votolato – Makers
Lukestar – Lake Toba
The Henry Clay People – For cheap or for free
Phoenix – United
Girl Talk – Feed the animals
Ratatat – LP3

Also, just finished this weeks’ projects, which as you can see are animal themed. I’m really having a good time doing all this.


five times a week

1 Aug

Justin had a good idea. We’re having an artistic “competition” where we make at least 5 artistic/creative things a week. If we fail to meet the quota, we get murdered by the other. I like the motivation because I’m not really taking anymore art or design courses but I want to keep making things.

This week I found the pictures on some random image boards, manipulated them a bit and put text on them. Except for the one that doesn’t have text of course.

I’m excited to see what’s going to come out of this competition in the upcoming weeks. Also, check out Justin’s journal. I’m sure he’ll be putting his stuff up soon.

-spuds m.