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16 Jan

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately even though school has begun again and I have to go constantly. I’ve been attempting to skateboard and I’m now able to go off small curbs without injuring my palms on the concrete. All the classes I have left for this semester require me to speak in front of the class which usually sucks a lot, but I’m getting much more comfortable with it and it’s actually getting kind of fun now. I got some new glasses and I think they’re pretty awesome. In late February I’m vacating the Bent Tree to live in a really nice house with some friends. I’m so glad I get to live somewhere where my car won’t constantly be robbed. Plus I’ll have a backyard with a swimming pool and a big awesome dog to pal around with. This weekend I’m debating on signing up for the warrior dash with my friends, but I’ll have to start preparing a few months ago if I’m going to be ready for it.