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6 Feb

Things are still going pretty well for me this semester aside from the fact that I’m busy all the time. Graduation is approaching very quickly and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. People keep asking if I’m going to go for a masters degree, but I don’t think I want a masters in communication. I am considering, however, staying in school for a couple more semesters studying graphic design so I can get a double major. It all kind of depends on how much longer I’d have to be in school though.

The house I get to live in now has been pretty awesome so far. It’s much cleaner, I’m closer to school, and it’s in a better neighborhood. I’m getting some pretty wicked allergy attacks from the dog though, but I’ll live.

I’ve decided to move down to part-time at my job. Hopefully as a result my social life won’t continue to suffer, and hopefully I won’t have to struggle with money too bad.

I went skateboarding in downtown Beaumont today and had a pretty good time. About 5 or 6 homeless guys watched me for a while without me realizing it. When I saw them I waved and we’re all best friends now probably.