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13 Oct

So far graduate school is going fantastically. I have never actually liked going to school up until these past few months. I guess it’s because I’m in a field in which I actually care about learning things. It is definitely a lot of homework though, and that on top of 50 hour work weeks leaves me with not much free time. I’m going to ride out this semester as it is though, but I plan on making some substantial changes in the spring.

For one of my classes my professor suggested I make business cards, so I did. The backside is a very light illustration of a bear I did a long time ago. I think when I make an actual website I’ll handwrite the address across the back over the bear’s face.

I haven’t had any time to work with my pen tablet lately, but hopefully in the near future I’ll get assigned some projects where I can implement it. The latest project I’ve been working on requires more rigid lines than I can accomplish with the tablet. Technical jargon.

The first watch is the preliminary sketch for the project. The second is the illustration I did. I’m shading it as we speak and I’ll put it on this post when I’m done, which should be in a few days. *Edit: DONE.*

I took a trip to a beach cabin that Morgan has access to last weekend. It was pretty fun, although I spent most of the time feeling pretty sick. That was my own fault though. I tried sleeping in my car but was only able to for two hours, and I woke up with a headache and a ribs-ache and I was freezing cold. I decided to drive home at 6 in the morning even though the fog was as thick as mashed potatoes. Also, I don’t think Morgan’s friends like me because they deleted all the pictures of me from the trip. That won’t stop me from going next time, however.

The End.