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new frontiers

24 Jan

I’ve been making some big changes in the past few months.

1. I quit work at Academy after over 5 years. I had planned on quitting within the first few weeks of being hired. Better late than never, as they say.

2. I got two new jobs; one at the Art Museum (as stated in previous posts), and one at Games People Play. I am a graphic designer for both of them. This means I wake up at 7, go to my first job and sit at a computer, go to school and sit at a computer, go to my next job and sit at a computer, go home at 9 and sit at a computer, then go to sleep. Both of the jobs are turning out to be pretty cool though, so I’m pretty excited.

3. I’m moving in March. I’m glad to have a change of pace in my living situation, although living with Jarrod and Eric has been really good.

4. I sanded the frames of my glasses so they won’t be so glossy anymore. I accidentally sanded the actual lens on a small section, so sometimes I see the scratch and think something blurry is really close to me.

School has been going well so far. However, I somehow ended up in an advanced photography class even though I’ve never taken a photo class before, and I have no experience taking pictures on even a novice level, much less an advanced one. So instead of using film, my professor is having me take digital pictures. I therefore had to buy a digital camera, and ended up going with one out of my price range, of course.



weird: part II

6 Jan

Here is the link to the story for which I did an illustration on Annalemma magazine’s website:

It’s a good story, and a really good magazine. Pick one up if you get the chance.


3 Jan

There have been a lot of good things going on lately. I had a great time bringing in the new year lurking the outskirts of a bangin’ house party. I triumphed in a game of Harry Potter Clue. I’m getting an illustration published on an Annalemma magazine online publication. Things seem to be going my way for the time being.

However, a recent trip to Austin provided me with the insight that my current plans for the future may be changing. I experienced one of the top 10 worst allergy attacks I’ve ever had while in the self-proclaimed weird city, which is where I was planning on moving after university. After doing a little research online, I found that a common nickname for Austin is “The Allergy Capital of the World.” That means, being a person with some of the worst allergy problems I know, it might not be the best idea for me to move to The Allergy Capital of the M****R F*****G WORLD. It is still likely that I will do just that, though. What a glutton for punishment I am.

I will be starting the spring semester next week. I’m kind of excited, although it would have been good if I had been making things over the break to keep myself sharp. No matter. I will soon become the greatest graphic designer/illustrator The Allergy Capital of the World has ever known.

Here is a picture my sister took of my nephew.