Archive | March, 2011
25 Mar

Here’s a photo taken on campus with the diana camera



19 Mar

A lot has been going on lately. And by “a lot,” I mean “a lot more of the same.” I’ve been having some pretty high and low points at school. One of the high points was in my photography class the other day when my professor gave me a little plastic baby toy camera, told me to go around campus taking pictures of whatever I wanted, then had me develop the film by hand. I’m sure the pictures aren’t going to turn out that well, but it was still a cool experience.

Last semester I quit my job as a graduate assistant at Lamar. I got a letter about a week ago saying that they had overpaid me by $873.74, and to repay it to the school as soon as possible. I am, as a result, no longer able to buy things I don’t need, and I really like buying things I don’t need.

I did another illustration for an online publication on Annalemma Magazine’s site, which you can find here.

My new living quarters are nice. There are some things that will take some time to adjust to, like my tiny room and the washer & dryer that also function as anti-sleeping machines when they’re turned on at night, but overall I like it.

I’m taking a trip to Houston with some friends tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to escaping responsibility for a day.