nightmare wife

11 Nov

I had a few very vivid dreams last night. In one dream, I received a very nice camera for free and as a result, I went through half of my day today believing that event had actually happened. Boy was I in for a big disappointment. I also had another re-occurring nightmare about me getting married. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those, and they’re terrible. They are so incredibly realistic…I feel such intense remorse, sadness and claustrophobia. The nightmares are always a little different, but it’s always the same person I’m supposedly getting married to. In some of them, my dad and mom are physically pulling me down the aisle up to the alter while I’m screaming and crying. Last night’s dream, however, I just locked myself in the dressing room and tried to escape through a window that was much too small for me to fit through. The wedding party started putting snakes under the door to scare me out. My future nightmare wife never seems to have a problem with me freaking out about not wanting to marry her though. As horrible as those dreams are, it’s always such an awesome feeling waking up and realizing it’s not real. I only wish I would have instantly realized the same thing about the free camera.

I’m currently trying to learn actionscript 3.0 on Flash CS5 and it is hard as s**t, especially when you have to pay $450 for a college course to learn it and you end up having to teach it to yourself. Someone help.


4:30 am

1 Nov

I can’t sleep, because if I do I might die. I went to a wedding yesterday that took place in the woods. I was apparently allergic as hell to something out there because my asthma that has been dormant since I was 14 has been re-activated. Therefore, when I start trying to doze off I just stop breathing. This is excellent news for you all, though, because as a result I get to write a new journal post.

The wedding was pretty awesome. Everyone, save a few such as myself, was dressed in either traditional Scottish garbs, Musketeer uniforms, weird zebra or Futurama costumes. A single bagpipe played during the ceremony. It was like being taken back into olden Scottish times, if Scottish people from the olden days really really liked anime. At the reception there was a ton of great food, including 5 lb. turkey legs. I took one of those home. I think it might feed me for close to a week.

On the way home from the wedding there was a wreck at the bottom of the bridge that I have to drive across to get to my house. Traffic was backed up all the way across it, and it’s a pretty big bridge. I was stopped at point on the bridge that was pretty high up, and was there for about 45 minutes. It was nice just sitting outside of my car listening to music and feeling the breeze.

I have found a way to become as unproductive as possible in every way, and I will share this information with you now;

STEP 1: Buy a computer game you like.

That’s it. If you want to be productive and motivated to partake in worthwhile activities, don’t do that thing. I have been following this journal lately, so everything I do now seems lame in comparison. I need to do something adventurous as soon as my busy schedule of boring things allows.

Now I need to find something to do to keep me awake until I have class, or I’ll slip into Death’s icy embrace. Perhaps I’ll play that computer game I like.


13 Oct

So far graduate school is going fantastically. I have never actually liked going to school up until these past few months. I guess it’s because I’m in a field in which I actually care about learning things. It is definitely a lot of homework though, and that on top of 50 hour work weeks leaves me with not much free time. I’m going to ride out this semester as it is though, but I plan on making some substantial changes in the spring.

For one of my classes my professor suggested I make business cards, so I did. The backside is a very light illustration of a bear I did a long time ago. I think when I make an actual website I’ll handwrite the address across the back over the bear’s face.

I haven’t had any time to work with my pen tablet lately, but hopefully in the near future I’ll get assigned some projects where I can implement it. The latest project I’ve been working on requires more rigid lines than I can accomplish with the tablet. Technical jargon.

The first watch is the preliminary sketch for the project. The second is the illustration I did. I’m shading it as we speak and I’ll put it on this post when I’m done, which should be in a few days. *Edit: DONE.*

I took a trip to a beach cabin that Morgan has access to last weekend. It was pretty fun, although I spent most of the time feeling pretty sick. That was my own fault though. I tried sleeping in my car but was only able to for two hours, and I woke up with a headache and a ribs-ache and I was freezing cold. I decided to drive home at 6 in the morning even though the fog was as thick as mashed potatoes. Also, I don’t think Morgan’s friends like me because they deleted all the pictures of me from the trip. That won’t stop me from going next time, however.

The End.


2 Aug

Here’s my first drawing with my new tablet.

It was really fun to make and I’m excited to do more soon.



8 Jul

I’m still waiting to hear from a few different people about a few different things that will have a sizable effect on my future. I got accepted into the graduate program at school, but I have to submit a portfolio to see how many supplemental classes I’d have to take. Whether or not I go to grad school will depend upon that I think. I was told that my thesis would have to include a 25 page research paper talking about my artwork, which is funny because at the moment I have trouble talking about it for more than one or two sentences.

I also recently bought a new laptop and one of these. I’m pretty excited to try it out.


10 Jun

I’ve been considering getting a laptop since I graduated, and a few days ago I decided that I would finally go for it and finance one. I went to check my credit online and found that there was a mortgage on my account. This information sent me into a panic for the remainder of the day. Luckily, my aunt works at a bank and was able to pull my credit file and found that not only do I not have a mortgage, but I have excellent credit somehow. Apparently the site I went to is notorious for telling people they have mortgages and making them go insane with panic.

My GRE is coming up and I feel totally unprepared for it. I hope the night before the test I have a very vivid dream about how to do all kinds of complex mathematics so the day of the test I can be a genius math scientist.





28 May

I had a day off after an 8-day streak at work, so I decided I wanted to go to Houston to commemorate it. I asked Eric if he would want to go with me and he suggested we go to the beach instead, which I thought was a much better idea. I got Jared to come along as well. It turned out to be an awesome trip. I got to skateboard at this skatepark by myself. We went swimming in the ocean and had some pizza and beer.

Good day.

EDIT: Eric took some pictures of me skateboarding so I thought I’d put them up. Check out how vertical I can get.